The Sun Spa’s Tanning Systems:

Dr. Muller Future Sun A true high pressure bed. 28 high pressure parabolic bulbs will give you a base tan in just 2 to 3 sessions with none of the burning associated with lower performing beds. The bronze tan from this bed lasts longer and looks more natural.

Dr. Muller Icon Simply our most comfortable and popular bed. Air-conditioned with a built in mister. The Icon is ten minutes of stress relieving tanning pleasure.

KBL Ultra Our brand new, 12 minute sunbed. Boasts a contoured acrylic for added comfort and also prevents that white spot on your tailbone.... "Voice Command" talks you through all the features of the bed, also it allows you to lower, or completely turn off the powerful facial bulbs and adjust the cooling fans.

Dr Muller Sun Sector This bed is an entry level system for those who need a more gradual approach to tanning. The Sun Sector can gently develop your tan in a timely fashion without the risk of being too strong.

Stand-Up Booths At the salon we have 3 stand-up booths, whose maximum tanning time's range from 7 to 10 minutes. Each contain full length bulbs that will give you an even tan in a fraction of the time. No sweat, no tan lines.

Dr. Muller Upper Body Tanner This 10 minute, exclusive system is great for upper body touch-ups. It allows you to concentrate more color to the area, leaving you with an even and glowing complexion.

The Legacy Leg Tanner The legs, being an area that does not tan as easily as other parts of the body, often need an extra boost of sunlight in order to be a preferred darkness. Our leg tanner is that extra boost. A 10 minute tanner, the Legacy will create an even color that will effectively tan this less color prone area of the body.

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